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Composite fillings are form of tooth restoration. Most dentists offer fillings made of resin (ceramic and plastic) or amalgam (a mixture of metals). Composite resin is the most commonly used material since it more closely resembles the color and appearance of natural teeth. 

Fillings strengthen tooth structure and add cosmetic improvement to your smile. You may be a good candidate for composite fillings if you have chipped, decayed, broken, cracked, or worn teeth. Call Platinum Dental Care Lehi and get your filling consultation today!

Do fillings keep your teeth white?

Since composite fillings are created to parallel the natural appearance of teeth, they can enhance the overall aesthetics of your smile. Amalgam fillings have a silver color, causing them to be more noticeable and seem less natural than resin composite fillings. This makes them a lesser option to patients who wish to boost the appearance of their teeth and smile.  

What are the benefits of

Composite Fillings

  • Even spacing between teeth
  • Restore broken, chipped, and cracked teeth
  • Maintains a natural look
  • Provides protection from future tooth decay

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