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Everyone has two pieces of connective tissue in their mouths, one connecting the upper lip to the upper gums and another connecting the tongue to the bottom of the mouth. Frenectomy surgeries are a common dental procedure used to adjust these tissues. Your dentist will examine these tissues and let you know if a frenectomy could benefit you.

Perhaps the easiest way to understand what exactly happens in a frenectomy is to think of a baby. Many newborns are born with “tongue ties” or an unusually short tissue connecting their tongue to the bottom of their mouths. A frenectomy corrects this by shortening that tissue and allowing the tongue more freedom to move. Stop by Platinum Dental Care Lehi today and learn how a frenectomy could help you today!

What is the frenectomy surgery like?

The frenectomy surgery has developed over time. Today dentists use a laser to conduct the surgery, making it less invasive, safer, and nearly painless. Your dentist will numb the area of your mouth so you won’t feel the dental laser as they perform the frenectomy. 

The laser vaporizes the connective tissue, allowing more mobility to the tongue for a lingual frenectomy, or to the upper lip in a labial frenectomy. Full recovery should take one to three weeks.

What can help me heal after a


  • Keep your head elevated
  • Use ice packs to relieve swelling
  • Choose foods that require little chewing
  • Take any medicines as prescribed
  • Visit your dentist for a recovery check-up

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