Platinum Dental Care in Lehi Payment Options

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What are my Payment Options?

Here at Platinum Dental Care in Lehi, we want to make sure that finances don’t get in the way of getting the dental care that you need. That’s why we offer a variety of financing options, whether you have insurance or not. No matter what your dental and financial needs are, we want you to get the excellent care you deserve.

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Membership Program

Some of our patients don’t have insurance and this isn’t a problem for them because of our in-house membership program. This program gives you access to member-only free exams and x-rays, no waiting periods or maximums, plus 20-50% off on procedures that many insurance companies won’t cover. If this sounds like a good option for you, click here for more details.


Insurance is never a problem. We accept nearly every form of dental insurance! Take a look at our extensive list of providers by clicking here

Accepted Forms of Payment

We accept all forms of major credit cards, including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover.

CareCredit and Lending Club

Even with insurance or membership benefits, sometimes a procedure might leave you needing financial assistance. Our knowledgeable staff can help walk you through how to get the financial help you need to keep it within your budget by using either CareCredit or Lending Club. 

Other Options

If a dental procedure is still more than you can work into your budget after insurance or our membership program we have found that peer-to-peer lending is another option to help you out. One helpful website to look at is

Before any treatment is undertaken we do our very best to make sure you understand exactly what procedures are necessary and the costs you can expect.  

We will happily file  a predetermination of benefits with your dental insurance company, in order to establish exactly what will be covered by your insurance plan.

Beyond this we accept most forms of payment and will happily connect you with other finance institutions so you can set up the financing plan that will help you feel comfortable AND get the dental care you need.

More questions about payment options? Give us a call and we will answer them!

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