Platinum Dental Care in Lehi Root Canal Treatment

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Lehi's Only Painless Root Canal Therapy

A root canal is necessary when the root canal of a tooth is infected. A root canal treatment removes the infection and prevents future reinfection to save your natural tooth. 

Usually only two appointments are necessary for a root canal treatment. Though a recovering patient might experience some discomfort, they are normally able to return to work, school, and normal life within the days following the treatment. Root canals prevent future oral health issues.

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Does a root canal hurt?

Despite the poor reputation root canal treatments have, patients are usually relieved afterwards, thankful that their tooth pain has gone away. With current technology, root canals are quick, easy, and relatively pain-free. 

What are the advantages of a

Root Canal?

  • Tooth and oral pain relief
  • Protection for surrounding teeth
  • Tooth preservation
  • Saves your smile

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