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If you have discolored or yellowed teeth and are self conscious about your smile, tooth whitening is an investment that can pay off with a dramatically brighter smile and a big boost to your self confidence. Because there are a variety of professional whitening methods, having your teeth whitened by an experienced pro means that the safest and most effective treatment will be chosen for your individual needs. 

While toothpastes with whiteners and home whitening kits can help with surface stains, professional whitening reaches below the surface for greater whitening and brightening from the inside out. It also gives you much faster results.

Don’t settle for tooth discoloration, brighten your pearly whites in only one visit!

Is whitening safe for my teeth?

Having your teeth professionally whitened is the most popular cosmetic dental procedure done today. Because of the high demand, modern technology has improved to allow us to safely bleach our patient’s teeth without hurting them in any way.  It is a quick, safe, and effective way to enhance and brighten your smile, making your smile something that you are proud to show off.  

What causes

tooth discoloration?

Teeth tend to naturally yellow or darken with age, but other factors can contribute:

  • Smoking
  • Coffee and tea
  • Some medications
  • Some dark colored fruits and vegetables
  • Red wine and some sodas

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